aTube Catcher 3.8

Application for downloading videos from a variety of popular websites

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The aTube Catcher application allows users to download video or audio from multiple sources and save the files to a local drive so they can be viewed later. It supports a dozen popular video sharing sites online. It also has the ability to authenticate streams so it is possible to download videos from password-protected sites. The program has dozens of different features that make it a comprehensive suite for finding, downloading and converting online video and audio.

Convert Downloaded Videos

One of the most powerful features is the ability to convert downloaded video into nearly any file format. The program supports almost two dozen video and audio formats. Streams that are downloaded can be saved instantly in any of these formats without a problem. The downloader can also convert local files between formats.

Record Audio

aTube Catcher can record audio from online streaming sources like Internet radio. The downloader also includes a recording tab. This tab allows users to record audio from local sources plugged into the computer like a microphone or digital keyboard. Users can choose the sampling frequency, bitrate and volume for the recording.

Burn CDs and DVDs

The application can actually burn quality CDs and DVDs for both audio and video playback. It does this internally and does not require any separate programs to handling the burning process. Users can simply drag and drop media files into the burner tab until the disc is full. The program will then burn the CD or DVD quickly. Users can even create Blu-Ray DVDs from videos downloaded online.

Capture from Screen

One of the problems streaming video downloaders have had in the past is that changing code on websites rendered the application unusable. aTube Catcher gets around this by providing an option to capture from the screen instead of the data stream. The downloader can capture data from media players or browsers and assemble that information into a video file.

Search and Batch Downloads

The video search tool in aTube Catcher opens up a simple window that allows users to enter a query and search for videos online. The tool will search millions of videos across a dozen or more of the top sharing websites on the Internet. The results are presented as thumbnails in the window. Users can actually select multiple videos and download them sequentially as a batch without having to manage each one.

Complex Menus and Options

One of the only drawbacks of this program is that the many features and options can be difficult to understand and manage. The interface is relatively clear for downloading videos. All of the other features include multiple options that provide granular control of every function. Learning all of the menus and available options will take users some time. Features like making a GIF from a video are buried in the options menus. Fortunately, there are extensive help files available.


- Download from nearly any source

- Convert to dozens of file formats

- Burn videos to CDs or DVDs

- Integrated search features


- Features and options can be complicated

- Default installation options include adware

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